Our Atlanta United and Braves are in first place. The Falcons are getting ready to roll. Vacations are wrapped up. The kids have returned to school and we’re all getting back into our life’s rhythm. I’ve had a challenging few months recuperating from Achilles’ tendon surgery and, thankfully, am doing well. All of us at Weiss ENT hope you’ve had an enjoyable, relaxing, and healthy summer.

There’s an excess of information available online these days and it can be difficult to know what and whom to believe. We are going to begin a blog to help increase your knowledge regarding all aspects of Otolaryngology (ENT), Audiology, and Facial Rejuvenation.

Dr. Jiovanne Hughart is our director of Audiology, Hearing Aid and Vestibular/Balance Center. Regionally and nationally renowned for her work, Dr. Hughart has the knowledge and experience to successfully care for those with hearing loss or balance disorders.

We are also extremely fortunate to have Robert Cheney, RN, as the director of our Facial Rejuvenation Center. A true artist when it comes to appreciating the subtleties that give each of us our distinct appearance, Robert specializes in treatments that restore a natural, as opposed to a “plastic” appearance. In addition, Robert is excited to begin our Follicular Unit Extraction program to restore hair.

Our hope is to provide a weekly blog, so that we may answer your questions regarding anything in our field of expertise. So please, feel free to send us questions regarding Ear, Nose, and Throat issues, hearing and balance concerns, or facial rejuvenation/hair regrowth.

We look forward to providing you with information that allows you to make healthy and wise decisions.


Dr. Lawrence S. Weiss

Member of ENT of Gerogia North